Audition Consulting

In order to get to that first step on the path of a professional opera career, it is necessary to make it over this one hurdle known as the AUDITION, in which casting directors decide whether or not a candidate is suitable for an engagement. This often leads to disappointing results for many talented singers.

While a good singing technique is essential, it is seldom enough on its own to make an audition successful. Even solid stage experience in university and conservatory productions is no guarantee for a successful audition, especially in German-speaking theatres that adhere to unwritten “rules” and traditions (of which young, and in particular non-native German-speaking, singers are seldom aware).

That is where my audition consultation comes in, covering everything from the selection of the appropriate repertoire to the development of an audition-appropriate aria interpretation and presentation (intended to achieve maximal impact within a 5-minute time frame), as well as personal onstage demeanor.

From my earliest experiences as the Operational Manager of OPERA PROJECT WIEN, I have been active as an agent and manager of opera singers, where I have been guiding young artists on their way to professional careers for over twenty years.

Together with experienced coaches from the Vienna Staatsoper, I work with singers to prepare them for auditions in German-speaking opera houses. The consultations are always tailored to the individual needs of each artist and include a personal preliminary discussion, an audition training session of at least one hour, and a follow-up evaluation of the session (next steps, etc.)

Fee: 140 Euro (includes pianist’s fee and room rental)

To arrange a coaching: or +43/699/19138496

Appointment cancellations 24 hours in advance of the appointment will incur no charges.